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Comparing The Different Kinds Of HGH Supplements On The Market:

If you’re researching HGH supplements it’s important you understand how the different options work so you can avoid being ripped off, scammed, or accidentally making an illegal purchase!

#1: Synthetic HGH Injections

Only available by prescription from a qualified physician, these injections are extremely pricey at $10,000 to $30,000+ per year in treatment costs. Because an HGH oral supplement cannot replace HGH injections for medical purposes, the discussion of injections here is provided for informational purposes only.

While studies generally show them to be very effective at reversing much of the physical deterioration of the body associated with aging (and reduced levels of HGH), the cost puts this treatment option out of reach of the average person.

The injections can be painful, and the regular doctor’s visits quickly become inconvenient. Especially since, in many cases you will need to find a qualified physician who is willing to do the injections, and this can mean traveling to an anti-aging clinic that specializes in HGH.

There’s a risk of overdose with synthetic HGH injections, potentially causing headaches, fluid retention, insulin resistance, and gynecomastia (i.e. man breasts).

There’s also concern that long-term use can cause a hormone imbalance in the body!

And it’s important to remember…

The ONLY safe and legal way to purchase synthetic HGH injections is with a valid doctor’s prescription! Since HGH supplements cannot replace medical HGH injections, such injections would never be relevant to the average person in the first place.

(i.e. Beware of websites claiming to sell you HGH injections or other supplements containing “real” HGH!)

#2: HGH Releasers

GenF20 Plus®is what’s known as an “HGH Releaser.”

It’s a dietary supplement, available without a prescription, that’s been scientifically formulated to encourage your body to release more of its own HGH — rather than injecting a foreign source.

It’s designed to give the average person access to the anti-aging benefits of HGH without the prohibitive costs, health risks, or inconvenience of synthetic injections! (And, as mentioned, injections are not even relevant to a person who is not seeking HGH treatments for medical issues.)

No doctor’s visits… No pricey, painful needles… No risk of overdose.

The challenge for consumers is finding an HGH Releaser that’s both safe and proven effective — manufactured by a cGMP certified facility with the highest quality ingredients, with a track record of getting REAL results for clients!

GenF20 Plus® proudly offers you a solid eight-year track record of quality manufacturing AND testimonials from satisfied customers!

Ready to start experiencing the anti-aging benefits of increased HGH levels yourself with the help of GenF20 Plus?

GenF20 Plus

#3: Homeopathic HGH

As a consumer, you need to be wary of claims surrounding this form of supplementation.

Because this is one of the most controversial forms of HGH supplementation — it’s still considered unproven by the scientific medical community.

To date, very few studies have been done (only one study has been done by the National Institute of Health) on homeopathic HGH; certainly not enough to provide adequate evidence this is a safe and effective alternative.

It involves taking extremely small doses of synthetic HGH 2-3 times daily, to stimulate the body’s own immune and endocrine systems to produce more of its own HGH.

So not proven safe, and certainly not convenient.

#4: Injections of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone

While this treatment option shows promise, it’s still new and considered unproven. It, too, requires getting injections from a qualified medical professional.

In this case, you’re injecting GHRH, which stimulates the release of HGH in the brain. A Baltimore study found that twice daily injections of GHRH restored the levels of HGH and IGF-1 levels in older men to that of men three decades younger.

Promising! But still costly, inconvenient, and unproven to date.

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